Jump Ahead 2000 Year 1

Jump Ahead 2000 Year 1

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Every parent knows how hard is to keep a child focus and entertained when it comes to school. And there's one aspect that take the most importance: fun. When children enjoy activities, everything seems to be easier. That's exactly what Jump Ahead aims to.

Jump Ahead 2000 Year 1 has been especially designed with comprehensive, educational, fun activities to keep a child entertained all year, providing support in every aspect of the National Curriculum.

READING Activities:
Frankie’s circus pals have been trapped in a magical jigsaw puzzle by the mischievous Mel the Magician and they need children's help. They'll be playing exciting carnival games that build critical reading skills and collect pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. They must reassemble the puzzle and save the circus friends before Mel casts a spell on them. The specific contents covered by this module are:
# Vowel Sounds
# Word Order

MATHS Activities:
Frankie loves to dig up the garden, but what he doesn't realize is that by doing so, he disturbs the homes of the little creatures who share the garden with him. To teach him a lesson, the magical Queen Bee casts a spell on him and shrinks him down to the size of a flea! Now, if only he can prove to the Queen Bee that he can respect his insect neighbours she might return him to full size. The specific contents covered by this module are:
# Geometry and Spatial Relations
# Subtraction

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